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Air Purification Technology Tackles Mold and Odor Issues


Air Purification Technology Tackles Mold and Odor Issues

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Last summer, the University of Richmond discovered mold in one of its buildings, which led to ripping out walls, replacing drywall and installing new carpet in three rooms to the tune of $10,000.

Recently, the University of Missouri discovered mold damage to about 600,000 library books stored at an off-campus storage site. The estimate to save all the books is about $1.8 million, so the University is planning to only save the oldest volumes. The University had previously dealt with another mold issue in two other book collections that cost $100,000 to fix.

If only these universities had known about the technology being used to successfully eliminate mold in the University of Louisville athletic department. The University is using Puradigm Air and Surface Purification Technology, which virtually eliminates mold spores in the air and on surfaces throughout the sprawling athletic department complex.

The technology is safe and contained within small devices easily placed on shelves or installed on walls. The devices work silently to purify the air while effectively reducing levels of mold, bacteria, viruses, odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). At the same time, offensive odors are removed at their source.

The result? Using this advanced technology, the University of Louisville is providing a safer, healthier, clean air environment for its student athletes, coaches, staff and visitors.

Chris Schotz, sales rep for Diversified Distribution Co. in Clarksville, Indiana. and distributor of Inspired Tecís Puradigm products, was a key player in the team that installed the Puradigm units.

“We conducted a pilot program in two of the locker rooms, the training facility and one of the coachís offices,” he explains. “We did a careful swabbing of surfaces before the installation, and then afterwards to measure mold and bacteria.”

The swabs were sent to an independent laboratory for analysis. When the results came back, they confirmed the effectiveness of high energy cluster ion technology.

“All levels of mold and bacteria were significantly reduced,” explains Schotz. “In some cases the number of mold spores were literally reduced to zero.”

It didn’t take long, however, for the coaching staff to immediately see results that are not measured by swabbing, but by smell.

“The day after we installed the Puradigm units, the coaches noticed how fresh and clean the air in the locker room was,” notes Schotz.  “They called me and said, ìhey, these really do work! That locker room smell is gone.”

The performance of the Puradigm Air devices is confirmed by third-party laboratories regarding the reduction of mold, bacteria and viruses in the air and on surfaces.

“Puradigm Air Technology is truly remarkable,” says John Hammond, president of Inspired Tec, provider of Puradigm Air Technology to ISSA members and the janitorial supply industry. “The real proof in using high energy cluster ions is unveiled in performance, as measured by laboratory tests, real-life results, and customer confirmation.”



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